Journey from suffering

from Death to life

 “Then those who feared the Lord spoke with one another. The Lord paid attention and heard them, and a

book of remembrance was written before him

of those who feared the Lord and esteemed his name.” (Malachi 3:16)

Journey from Suffering

Is anamazing book written by Angelo Guarino in Italian and now presented in Englishto the body of Christ everywhere in the world. Angelo went through a life ofaddiction and a liver transplant and all the sufferings in between… Read hisbook and join him In glorifying God. TodayAngelo obeys God’s call helping people to recover from the terrible results ofvarious kinds of addictions in the Bethesda center, located in Souther Italy. Buy thebook to support this chain-breaking wonderful ministry. 


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 Immediately after my liver

transplant, they wheeled me into intensive care. As I found myself in ICU, the

Lord spoke to my heart by saying, “Angelo, you will write a book!” Although I

took into consideration all that he had said to me, that for me it would be a

problem. I had no idea where to start and felt that I did not have the

necessary abilities to take on such a project.    I

began to speak to others about this idea and was often encouraged to get going,

but sizable doubt remained within me.    During

my second hospital stay on January 13, 2011, the Lord again spoke to me about

the same undertaking, but this time I clearly felt that he was urging me to do

it. “Certainly he will guide me,” I thought this second time, but “where do I

start, Lord? You know that I don’t feel capable to write … Yes, I know how to

speak, I can even preach. I daily listen to those whom you bring before me to

encourage, but writing a book… I really do not have a clue about where to

start.”    During

the time of my hospitalization, it often happened that the Lord would awaken me

in the night by causing me to recall some details of my life and place these episodes

in my mind. The “maybe” that had resonated within me had now been replaced with

growing “certainties” which gave me joy to serve the Lord even in this new

adventure.    Having

clearly understood where I was to start, I took pen to paper for recording all

these things that I had received by means of the Holy Spirit. Submitting myself

to His will, I asked God to give me wisdom in a particular way to transcribe in

a detailed manner everything that He had done in me without adding or taking

away anything.     There

are so many biblical characters described in the Word who told the story and

the events of their lives, whether it was for good or for bad. There are those

who did many things and those who did less but all left a record of their

experience highlighting the power of God.    Therefore,

I said to the Lord, “Father, let me be as one of these who devoted their entire

existence to Your service and be part of those who honored Your name by leaving

a sign upon the earth so that You may be glorified. It will not be easy but Iam certain that YOU will guide me.”





Via Diego Peluso, 32